three consulting was founded by Jayne and Hans, who are aviation and tourism specialists having held senior management positions at leading airports, airlines and tourism organisations around the World. With a combined half century of experience, they have been involved in many projects specifically related to airports and their strategic and commercial plans. They are supported by a list of associates that serve to enhance services as and when required by client projects.

Jayne has over 21 years of experience in the airline, travel, tourism, technology, and consulting sectors. Jayne has extensive knowledge and understanding of the global airline industry having started her career with Virgin Atlantic in the UK in 1996 and having since worked with the majority of airlines around the world negotiating pricing, advertising and commercial agreements for Expedia Worldwide.

Jayne Davey
Managing Director

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Hans brings over 22 years of experience in airline network planning, aviation business development, aviation economics and financing, and consulting. Hans has worked for and on behalf of some of the largest, aviation organisations including British Airways, Qantas, Macquarie Airports, and Sydney International Airport.

Hans Mitterlechner