three consulting pty ltd is an established aviation consultancy focused on delivering high quality and effective results for our clients. We specialise across four major business units:


  • Air Service Development 

  • Aviation/Tourism Market Research

  • Aviation Management Consulting

  • Airport Master Planning: Traffic Forecasts


We aim to assist airports, airlines, tourism organisations and government agencies with all their aviation requirements.


At three consulting, we understand the aviation value chain and have developed a range of services that can deliver seamless results across a number of specialisations. From the initial allocation of airline capacity through to commencing operations of newly constructed infrastructure, we have the ability to guide clients from high-level strategic planning through to day of operations and beyond.


Our core team at three consulting have held senior management positions at leading airports, airlines, and tourism organisations around the world. With a combined half century of experience, three consulting staff have been involved in many projects specifically related to airports and their strategic and operational plans. The team has completed work in 20 countries allowing us to bring a truly global perspective to our clients. 

three consulting staff benefit from decades of airline, airport, tourism and related industry experience through working within some of the largest airlines, airports and tourism organisations globally.  We have had recent and ongoing successes in formulating aviation strategies, producing route forecasts and route business cases, as well as engaging and presenting route business cases to all major and regional Australian airlines.

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Air Service Development

three consulting is a market leader in air service development for airport and airline clients. Utilising our wide range of experience, proprietary and industry data sources, and extensive airline contacts, we are able to bring unsurpassed results to our clients. We have been highly successful in securing air services for our client airports ranging from ultra-long-haul wide-body to regional turboprop operations. Our intimate knowledge of airline network planning, taken from over 15 years of experience with leading international airlines such as United Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Qantas Airways, allows us to produce targeted and effective route business cases. Key services include:

  • Airline Route Business Case Development

  • Airline Engagement Strategies

  • Aviation Business Strategy Development

  • Airline Incentive Strategies

  • Air Charter Assessments

Aviation Management Consulting

three consulting understands the intricacy of the business of aviation and what is required of airports, airlines, and related service providers to become market leaders. Gleaned through decades of combined experience, three consulting has the ability to give clients the knowledge required in today’s market place.


Key services include:

  • Aviation Strategies

  • Joint Network Planning

  • Traffic Forecasting

  • Airport Rates and Charges

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Business Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Strategic Planning

  • Commercial Due Diligence

  • Business Negotiation Support

  • Online Sales and Marketing Strategies

Market Research

three consulting has the capability to undertake market research that provides valuable insights and timely business intelligence. Our market research can be used to test markets, qualify leads, measure effectiveness and gauge stakeholder opinions.


Getting the right data requires asking the right questions. We have the experience and capability using different types of advanced logic techniques to ensure the right type of data is captured for each individual client’s needs. This results in a personalized experience, effective analysis complete with precise and detailed reporting.


Typically, our market research encompasses a range of the following most popular types of surveys:

Business Segmentation Survey

Targets the top businesses operating within a specific catchment area to ascertain their key travel patterns and characteristics. This survey is particularly effective in engaging with airline sales teams wishing to identify key corporate accounts in an airport’s catchment.


Passenger Profile Survey

Is typically held on-site at the airport and is designed to interview passengers on a targeted range of flights. The on-site survey is beneficial to airports, airlines and tourism organisations alike, wishing to understand the key travel characteristics of airport users for internal business planning, strategy development, performance and bench-marking, or airline engagements / route development.

Catchment Area Survey

Samples the airport’s catchment area, usually defined by drive time to/from the airport, to understand the travel patterns and preferences of air travellers. This is particularly useful in identifying market demand in an airport’s catchment and determining leakage to other airports. The survey is beneficial for airports undertaking route development activities illustrating the demand for new, or increased, services.

Online Panel Survey

Reaches out to highly diversified panels enabling the delivery of project specific customer data used in a variety of ways to better understand customer behaviour and travel patterns within specific regions.

Airport Master Planning: Traffic Forecasts

three consulting staff have the capabilities and experience to produce robust traffic forecasts for both business planning and master planning purposes. We have developed these skills working for both airlines and airports and have furthered these skills through a variety of client engagements. Our approach involves:


  • A mix of bottom-up and top-down methodologies

  • Passenger, GA and freight components for each forecast

  • Busy day and busy hour forecasts

  • 20-year forecast supplemented with pro forma schedules, translating passenger demand into route and aircraft specific arrival and departure times




"3C are a highly valued partner for Christchurch Airport, providing analysis and strategic input on a range of aeronautical and non-aeronautical aspects of our business.  The team has outstanding breadth and depth of experience that has delivered real business results for us. Importantly they bring a good balance of both “art and science” to driving business outcomes."

Justin Watson, Christchurch Airport